No more winter snow at World's highest ski resort, Mount Chacaltaya, Bolivia

Landsat TM acquired on 31 August 1986 at 13:55:52 UTC
Sentinel-2 MSI acquired on 14 September 2016 at 14:47:32 UTC
Sentinel-2 MSI acquired on 05 September 2020 at 14:37:29 UTC
Author(s): Sentinel Vision team, VisioTerra, France -
Keyword(s): Climate change, mountain range, cryosphere, glacier, global warming, snow, ice melt, Bolivia, Andes Cordillera
Fig. 1 - S2 (14.09.2016) - Mount Chacaltaya is located in the Andes, 20 km north of the Bolivian capital La Paz.
Fig. 2 - L5 (31.08.1986) - At 5240 m high, it was the highest ski run in the world until a few years ago. The ski resort is now closed.
Fig. 3 - S2 (14.09.2016) - Chacaltaya glacier melted completely in 2008 as did 40% of Bolivian glaciers.
Fig. 4 - S2 (05.09.2020) - A tiny snow patch showed at the end of winter 2016. 4 years later, slightly earlier in the season, no snow remains.