Kigali, Rwanda, hosts the Inaugural IUCN Africa Protected Areas Congress

Landsat5 TM acquired on 20 June 1984 at 07:36:03 UTC
Landsat8 OLI-TIRS acquired on 04 June 2013 at 08:09:42 UTC
Sentinel-2 MSI acquired on 16 June 2022 at 08:06:09 UTC
Author(s): Sentinel Vision team, VisioTerra, France -
Keyword(s): Kigali, Rwanda, APAC, IUCN, conference
Fig. 1 - S2 (16.06.2022) - From July 18-23, 2022, the African Protected Areas Congress (APAC) will be held in Kigali, Rwanda.
Fig. 2 - L5 (20.06.1984) L8 (04.06.2013) & S2(16.06.2022) - Overview of the urban expansion of Kigali from 1984 to 2022
The overarching goal of the Congress is to position Africa's protected and conserved areas within the broader goals of economic development and community well-being and to increase understanding of the vital role parks play in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem provision.