Worst Amazon forest fires in a decade, Brazil, Bolivia

Sentinel-5P TROPOMI CO & AER_AI acquired on 01 September 2022 from 15:33:41 to 18:56:40 UTC
Sentinel-5P TROPOMI AER_AI & CO acquired on 26 September 2022 from 16:02:39 to 17:44:09 UTC
Author(s): Sentinel Vision team, VisioTerra, France - svp@visioterra.fr
Keyword(s): Land, rainforest, rainforest, atmosphere, wildfires, deforestation, agriculture, farming, pollution, climate change, greenhouse gas.
Fig. 1 - S5P TROPOMI (01->20.09.2022) - CO - Satellite sensors detected over 42 000 fires in 30 days according to Brazil's national space institute.
Fig. 2 - S5P TROPOMI (01->20.09.2022) - Aerosol Index - In just three weeks, the Amazon lost 1120 km² of rainforest.
Fire in the Amazon is almost always deliberately set, to improve cattle pasture or burn recently-felled trees once they are dry. Often the fires burn out of control and reach pristine forest areas. Studies have shown that deforestation rates peak in election years, and 2022 has been particularly intense because of Bolsonaro's anti-environmental rhetoric, according to analysts.