Tension on Zaporizhzhia, most powerful nuclear power plant in Europe, Ukraine

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Author(s): Sentinel Vision team, VisioTerra, France - svp@visioterra.fr
Keyword(s): Land, nuclear energy, power plant, security, Ukraine
Fig. 1 - S3 SLSTR (07.08.2022) - With its 6 1000 MW nuclear reactors, Zaporizhzhia power plant generates over 20% Ukraine's electricity.
On 04.03.2022, Zaporizhzhia nuclear and thermal power stations were both captured by Russian forces during the Battle of Enerhodar of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet Russia shelled the complex in March and August, including the plant’s external power supply system and near spent fuel storage facility, wounding an Ukrainian staff member.
Fig. 2 - S2 (04.08.2021) - Since March the plant is operated by Ukrainian staff under Russian control.
Fig. 3 - S1 (31.07.2020->08.08.2020) - Russia is said to plan to disconnect the station from the Ukrainian grid and connect it to the Russian grid.