Controversial East-West highway, Algeria

Sentinel-1 CSAR IW acquired on 21 November 2014
Sentinel-2 MSI acquired on 30 March 2016
Sentinel-2 MSI acquired on 17 February 2021
Sentinel-1 CSAR IW acquired on 07 April 2021
Author(s): Sentinel Vision team, VisioTerra, France -
Keyword(s): Infrastructure, road, Algeria.
Fig. 1 - S1 (07.04.2021) - The Algerian East-West highway will run 1216km from Morocco to Tunisia, connecting Algeria's major coastal cities
This project of 6-lane highway was launched in the 90s; the most expensive highway in the World, it was financed by the Algerian state in 2007.
Fig. 2 - S1 (21.11.2014) - Most construction has been completed by 2015, at east 80 km remain to be completed as this section has been.
Fig. 3 - S2 (17.02.2021) - Kilometres long sections to be completed further east, several carries are well visible.
Fig. 4 - S2 (17.02.2021) - Final unfinished kilometers at east. There have been concerns about corruption, waste, and delays.